Future Proofing with BIM

BIM Future Proofing

Our innovative engineering solutions simplify and improve the design and construction phases of a project and provide opportunities for dramatic improvements in lifetime operational costs. At the heart of this is YES Engineering’s utilisation of the latest CAD and BIM technology. As early adopters in the use of BIM (Building Information Modelling) technology, YES engineering have been utilising REVIT (and laterly BIM360) as our standard building design platform for our MEP and Structural teams since 2006. 

Our 3D design platform, REVIT, offers much more than great visual representations of building projects. Incorporating rule sets and equipment specifications as well as details within the model, builds intelligence into our designs. This allows automatic coordination checks not only with physical building elements but also with less obvious criteria such as maintenance access, heat dissipation zones and regulatory requirements. 

A BIM designed and constructed project allows an ongoing tool for the property owner to efficiently maintain and modify over the lifecycle of the building. Integration with FM tool sets allows information within the model to be used to schedule maintenance tasks, allocate running costs, or test proposed alterations for high level impact quickly and efficiently. Money is saved not only during the construction phase but throughout the life of the building

Our Engineering Services 

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